Orlek is celebrating 35 years this year (2024)! They were formed at the end of the 1980s, precisely in 1989, and they consider the recording of their first demo recordings on the then Trbovlje radio station to be their official beginning. They won us over with an inimitable mix of rock’n’roll, brass, brass and accordion, with their unique ‘folk punk polka rock’, socio-humorous lyrics and an energetic stage performance, which often includes Slovenian national and international songs.

The Orlek group is based in Zagorje ob Savi, in the heart of the mining area in the center of Slovenia. The name Orlek comes from the name of the hill at the very edge of Zagorje. Their music is a mixture of rock’n’roll, a kind of “folk punk polka rock”. A variegated instrumental ensemble which, besides traditional rock instruments, also uses a brass section and an accordion, which places them into the ethnic folk music category. Their specialties are texts with social and humorous contents, rich in many expressions typical of the hard work and life of a miner. The group is very communicative and establishes contact quickly, and fills people from different cultural environments with enthusiasm. That has been proved by successful performances at festivals – WOM festivals: Tanz & Folk Fest in Rudolstadt (Germany), Folk Fiesta (Poland), Druga godba (Slovenia) and other festivals around the world, including Musikfest in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, USA), Performing Arts Festival Lahore (Pakistan), Folkherbst festival in Plauen (Germany), Fringe festivals in Australia and New Zealand (Sydney, Adelaide, Wellington), Chaoyang Spring Carnival in Beijing (China), Star Live club (Beijing) as well as many other concerts on festivals in Hungary, Austria, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Raussia and also in Slovenia. In October 2012, they had a very successful tour of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Their club concerts are also well-known, as for example their performance in the legendary CBGB club in New York in 2002. On their second tour in the United States in 2006 they gave an extra concert in Philadelphia. On account of its authentic sound and texts the group has attracted the attention of both music experts/critics as well as the broad public. Their album “Adijo knapi” (Goodbye Miners) has won several awards, e.g. including the Golden Bird prize (from) the Liberal Academy of Slovenia), the reward of the student radio in Maribor – Maršev gojzar (Marš‘s Mountaineering Boots) and the local community reward. The albums “Adijo knapi” and “Melodije smoga in premoga” (Tunes of Smog and Coal) were nominated for the “Slovene Grammy” award, the Golden Cock. The album Salamurca and the composition “Na Kum” (To Kum) have received the Golden Cock. Their album “TETovirani 3” includes the composition “PERKMANDELJC”, for which Dušan Kastelic made an excellent video in 3D animation. The album Orlek Express with the hit “Mala Zagorjanka” and two exceptional instrumental pieces “Orlek Express” and “Full House”, was followed by a longer break with numerous performances in the homeland and abroad. At the beginning of 2009, the group marked its 20th anniversary with the latest album “Anduht”, containing playful and calm songs with humorous lyrics. Among them you will find erotic and humorous mining piece “Drugačne luknje” (The Other Holes), a song speaking of unrequited love, “Dol po Savi” (Down the Sava), a chanson “Upokojenega policaja pesem” (Retired Cop’s Song) and “Položnice” (Bills), a song dedicated to a popular Slovenian custom of paying the bills. On their new album they also placed a cover song, a bittersweet composition “Srečen” (Happy) originally composed by the band “Bombe”. On this occasion their biography and a documentary film were released, both summarizing two decades of a diverse career. In the year 2012 they released an album titled REPETE with 13 songs. 12 of them are old pieces rearanged into acoustics, the new one is a lifely song called Zivljenje gre naprej.

In 2017 they released the album FRPRUH, on which are their songs, which were buried deep inside somewhere in the Zasavje mines. With the newly excavated compositions and the biggest hits, they went on a concert theater adventure, enriched with unique mining humor. With narratives and anecdotes from the mining life that will be served by the actor and humorist Matjaz Javsnik, you will imagine yourself over your abundance and at the same time laugh from the heart.

In 2019, the band celebrates its 30th anniversary, marking the release of CD ŽIVEL ROKENROL, with 11 new songs. It is characterized by the initial energy, after which the group also became famous years ago. The influence of younger authors who took on a major part of the responsibility of writing music and texts is heard. In spite of freshness, change in sound, energy, according to listeners, the album is very characteristic of the Orlek group. It’s a real renaissance.


Vlado Poredos (vocal, acoustic guitar)
Jure Tori (accordion, keyboards)
Samo Poredos (guitar, acoustic guitar)
Ivo Vidergar (guitar, acoustic guitar)
Mitja Tori (bass guitar, double bass)
David Slatinek (drums)
Kristijan Adamlje (saxophone)
Eco Matko (trombone)
Jan Adamek (trumpet)

BOOKING: Mitja Tori // +386(0)41 320 150 // mitja@toriprint.si

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